The majority of CIOs admit to taking a potentially overcautious approach to big technology decisions a newly published survey has said.

Three in five (61%) of UK CIOs admitted a range of reactions prompted by key IT procurement decisions that have a large potential impact on the business from hesitant and averse, to nervous.

In stark contrast, only 2% of those questioned said they were ‘eager’ to introduce new technology that could make a difference to the business.

The research, conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of IT provider Fujitsu Siemens, questioned 100 UK IT directors about their attitude to towards strategic technology decision-making and found that convincing the board of IT investment is seen as the biggest overall challenge in the process.

Getting executive buy-in was most trying for financial services CIOs (30%). And disruption to business users was the next biggest hurdle across industries (19%), followed by budgetary constraints (14%).

Steve Kendall-Smith, Fujitsu Siemens Computers UK managing director said the last 20 years have seen bold growth in enterprise IT development for competitive advantage, but that CIOs were in danger of losing their nerve as legacy systems start to creak.

“It will take people with the necessary ambition and nerve to address the task of replacing [these systems] with cutting-edge alternatives,” he said.