The majority of CIOs are ready to move into the CEO role but they are being edged out by other C-level executives.

A global report from CA Technologies, "The Future Role of the CIO 2011: Becoming the Boss", reveals that 53 percent of CIOs "feel ideally positioned to move to the CEO role".

But the research found that other executive roles seem to have more experience of the skills required to become the CEO, as 29 percent of current CEOs rose from the CFO position, and 23 percent were previously the COO.

CA said just four percent of CEOs have risen from the CIO position.

Jacob Lamm, executive vice president for strategy and corporate development at the company, said: "Today technology is at the heart of business strategy for many organisations and is no longer seen as a support function merely aligned with the business, but rather as the principal driver of business transformation to gain competitive advantage."

He said, "The modern CIO is an experienced professional with an eye for the bigger picture."

Sarah Greensmith, managing director of the IT sector for executive search firm Hudson, said: "The traditional way that companies have groomed C-level executives is overdue for a refresh. Modern CIOs are not only a contender for the role, but also a serious candidate with unique advantages over their peers."

For the report CA commissioned Vanson Bourne to interview 685 CIOs in organisations employing over 500 staff in the telecoms, retail, financial and manufacturing sectors.