Members of the Communications Management Association (CMA) have voted overwhelmingly to merge with the British Computer Society (BCS).

The 87% vote in favour means CMA will become a subsidiary organisation of BCS in a move that reflects the convergence of the IT and telecommunications industries.

BCS chief executive David Clarke said: “The merger of our two organisations is a natural fit and reinforces the BCS's agenda to represent professional accreditation across the broader information technology and communications profession.

“The telecoms sector has long been viewed as part of the IT profession, so it seemed only natural for our respective memberships to combine.”

The two bodies have signed a formal agreement that means future CMA activities will be carried out under BCS stewardship. But the two organisations will continue to recruit members separately, with members of each group gaining affiliate membership of the other.

CMA chair Carolyn Kimber said: “Our industry is particularly fast moving and ever changing and the needs and roles of our members change with it.”

The CMA had changed its name a few years ago, but this had not fully insulated the organisation from the “massive technical and organisational revolution” in the industry over the past 10 years, she said.

“The synergies between CMA and BCS will help move BCS from being IT focused towards a more broadly based ICT professional body.”