A City University computer science undergraduate has launched a free, student volunteer-led IT support service across a number of UK universities. 

As well as providing free IT advice to individuals and organisations, the service provides its volunteers with the chance to have real work experience in troubleshooting and dealing with customers during their studies.

The service, Digitally Maintained, was set up by Luther Knight, who is studying for a BSc in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence at City in London. He has produced a series of tutorials that cover some of the most common IT problems, and already recruited a network of computing students from universities around the UK.

“One of the things that makes graduates stand out when they start looking for employment is work experience, however it can be difficult to fit this in around your studies.

“With Digitally Maintained, I hope to enable fellow students to expand their CVs in a flexible way, while helping all of those people who need technical support, but either can’t afford it or don’t know where to look,” said Knight. 

Knight now plans to expand the service by recruiting more student volunteers and offering free tailored support to consumers, businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

More information on the service can be found here.