Technology stocks might have got hammered yesterday with Apple and others losing billions in paper worth but surely things aren’t as bad that the editor of a major publication such as CIO can’t afford a roof over his head? Don’t fear, I’ll only be sleeping out this Friday for charitable purposes by taking part in the 2008 Byte Night event that is intended to raise £500,000 for Action For Children to help homeless youngsters.

About 500 business and IT executives from BT, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Dell, Fujitsu and others will also be sleeping out in locations across the country. I’ll be roughing it in central London this Friday in Potters Field near London Bridge. I’ll be sleeping alongside the likes of actress Jenny Agutter, which is certainly a bit of a come-down for her.

As if having the editor of CIO dressed from the Millets rail was not enough excitement, the list of celebrities backing the event is extensive. Jeremy Paxman, Angus Deayton, Ian Hislop, Nick Ross, Alexei Sayle, Mike Read, Boris Johnson, Arsenal FC, Ricky Hatton, Steve Davis and Ainsley Harriott have all supported Byte Night.

Co-founder of Byte Night Ken Deeks said: “I’m thrilled that so many celebrities have given their time to support Byte Night. My thanks goes out to them and everyone else involved this year. The scale of youth homelessness in this country is an area of huge concern. The pressing problem is not going to go away, especially with the onset of the economic slowdown. However, there is a burning passion among IT representatives to do more personally and they want to see that compassion reflected by the companies they work for.”

If you enjoy CIO, or just enjoy the thought of me, coming up 43, wearing an Arran hat to keep out snow and rain and fitting snugly into a nylon sleeping back while clutching a tartan-print flask of lukewarm tea, please give generously.