Business media firm Dow Jones has today announced the availability of its Wealth Manager application for's AppExchange.

The launch is designed to help financial services advisors build client loyalty, strengthen customer relationships and develop a more profitable customer base. Existing users of the software as a service (SaaS) customer relationship management (CRM) systems can now have access to Dow Jones Wealth Manager's Client News Match capabilities, which map trusted Dow Jones information to custom client profiles designed to facilitate personalised client communication and create a client-loyalty engine.

Built using the Salesforce platform, Dow Jones Wealth Manager is available for test drive and deployment from the Financial Services category on the AppExchange.

Advisors can add their clients' individual holdings and interests into their contacts in Salesforce and the Wealth Manager returns Client News Matches from Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal and other sources mapped to client-specific investments and professional and personal interests.

"Client communication is the cornerstone of a successful wealth management practice," said Tom Waite, vice president, partners and alliances at Dow Jones. "In fact, a study from CEG Research found that successful wealth managers build client relationships through regular and personalised client contact and that clients want an average of 28 contacts per year from their advisor. Dow Jones Wealth Manager's integration with Salesforce via the AppExchange makes frequent client communication more convenient by offering advisors the reasons for more thoughtful contact within, the application where advisors manage their client relationships."

The SaaS vendor said over 1,200 financial services firms and more than 60,000 financial services professionals are standardising on Salesforce in Wealth Management, Banking, Capital Markets, Mortgage, and Insurance.