Four years after changing its name to DSG International the electrical retail giant is to revert to its original Dixons name, which dropped off the British high street in 2006.

DSG has said it will change its name back to Dixons at the same time as returning to profits in the past year.

"The Dixons name resonates strongly with suppliers, the market, and colleagues in a way that DSG international has not been able to without significant investment in the brand," DSG said in a statement.

In 2006 the 190 Dixons stores were renamed, with the Dixons brand name used exclusively for online retailing. It is unknown whether these stores will go back to being called Dixons, however, with the old name apparently just a corporate rather than high-street rebrand.

DSG still runs 25 Dixons Travel stores at UK airports.

The Dixons name was picked out of a telephone book in 1937 when the then photographic outlet’s founders wanted a short title that would fit over their door. 

Dixons DSG name change

"Focus on our customers drives everything we do and I am delighted with the excellent progress we have made over the past twelve months as we continue to transform the Group, despite the recessionary environment across Europe,” commented John Browett, Chief Executive.

“We have made significant improvements throughout the business, transforming the shopping experience for customers with better choice, value and service both in stores and online. 

“We are now two years into the Renewal and Transformation plan and are encouraged by the improved profitability and competitiveness it continues to deliver."

Shareholders will have to approve the move at an AGM later this year.