An online system for tracking cases among different parts of the justice system will get a wider roll out, following a successful pilot in Liverpool.

The online Tracker system from provider, EzGov Europe will be rolled out to twelve more courts in England and Wales following the success of its pilot scheme at the North Liverpool Community Justice Centre, which is part of the government’s community justice programme.

The system has been used to help the justice system in North Liverpool tackle anti-social behaviour and the crime associated with it by tracking and managing defendants’ cases. EzGov developed the system to enable agencies involved in Community Justice – judges, police, courts, probation, drug rehabilitation centres – to store and share information about offenders.

The information held is provided in a defendant-centric way to enable all parties to access relevant data directly when assessing the appropriate course of action for a defendant. A file is built up over time, which includes a judge’s personal notes and all the information is immediately accessible by the judge when passing sentence. Tracker is the only repository for information across the entire justice community as all the information is stored in a single application and accessed as a single entity. The latest version will introduce a new reporting tool and is also extending the number of key reports from 10 to 42.

The Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) was the agency responsible for the selection of EzGov. DCA programme manager, David Chambers said: “EzGov’s Tracker system has provided us with the essential tools we needed to help tackle crime in North Liverpool and allows everyone in the community and the courtroom to tackle the underlying causes of crime together and speed up administrative processes. The system is working well in Liverpool and we are looking forward to rolling out the system to more courts continuing to grow the functionality so that other community justice projects can enjoy the same benefits.”