Female IT professionals who want to attend a conference to benefit their career are being offered a travel bursary from the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science Engineering and Technology (UKRC), a government-funded body.

The maximum grant that can be awarded is £800, which includes conference fees up to £300 and subsistence allowance of up to £80, for accommodation, meals and other expenses for up to seven days. Applicants can also claim for costs of childcare for the duration of a visit, up to £25 per child per day, for a maximum of seven days.

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The UKRC is currently accepting applications from women with skills in IT, including computer science, information systems, software engineering and artificial intelligence skills, who want to attend an event that will improve their careers. The events can be anywhere in the world, as previous bursary holders have attended conferences and seminars in countries including the US, Greece, India, China, Spain and Australia.

Eligible women need to be UK nationals or have the right to remain and work in the UK. They also need to be aged 19 or over, and be employed in a technical, scientific, research post in the UK IT industry or in academia.

Women studying or undertaking training in IT, or those who have taken a break from the technology industry but want to return, can also apply. However, women who have received a travel bursary from the UKRC in the last three years are not eligible.

Furthermore, grants will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis if there are multiple applications for the same conference or event.

All winners of the travel grant will be required to write a report of around 500 words on their visit, and submit it to the UKRC within six weeks of the end of their visit.