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Today, organisations across all sectors are embarking on digital transformation programmes in search of increased efficiency, productivity and a competitive advantage. Not only are they putting a lot of time and effort into this, they are also spending a lot of money on it too – predicted to near $2 Trillion globally by 2022.

Yet, whilst some sectors are seen as trailblazers, leading the way in the adoption of new technologies, others are late to the party. One such sector which has been traditionally slow to adopt change is construction.

This was a striking conclusion of Mark Farmer’s landmark report in 2016, ‘Modernise or Die’, which provided a damning insight into the state of the UK construction sector – highlighting its failure to innovate as a serious threat.

To many, this is no surprise. Construction projects often begin life on paper rather than digitally, whilst professionals are sometimes resistant to changing their processes or tools. Broader cultural challenges and lack of technical skills can cause a resistance to change too.

Faced with an urgent need to evolve the industry’s digital capabilities, the Construction Leadership Council – the advisory body comprised of industry and government, designed to support UK construction – published its sector deal last year, with one of its focusses on transforming construction through a ‘bytes and mortar’ approach to smart construction. From boosting tech skills within the industry, to employing digital techniques throughout the design and planning process – the deal pinpointed the wealth of digital opportunities available for construction leaders.

The UK Government is also eager to provide the financial support that encourages businesses to tackle a digital transformation – pledging £170 million of funding for the construction industry through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, with a key focus on digital initiatives.

Bricks, Mortar and Digital Transformation

Evidence highlights that grasping digital transformation projects with both hands could provide a real springboard for the industry, with a new report commissioned by Zen, titled Bricks, Mortar and Digital Transformation, finding that those willing to embrace digital transformation can reap the rewards.

Of those surveyed for the report, following initial investment in digital transformation, two-thirds (66%) of construction companies noted a subsequent reduction in costs as a result of the new technology deployed. From a commercial perspective, a third (33%) reported increased sales since their business undertook a digital transformation project.

Additionally, half (50%) also claim that digital transformation has enabled increased collaboration across the supply chain, stemming from streamlined communication and networking. Over half (61%) of all respondents also noted improved efficiency and reduced operational costs (58%) as a direct result of digitally transforming their process.

To mitigate these risks, and embrace the golden opportunities digital transformations can present, businesses need to find an effective, trusted partner. Yet there seems a startling lack of awareness of this within the construction industry. Just one in seven firms (14%) understand the importance of having a good technology partner to enable the process – meaning many risk making simple, but costly, mistakes.

The value of finding the right partner should not be understated. A trusted partner will reduce the stress associated with the implementation of a digital transformation project – tailoring the approach to the needs of the business based on experience.

They will work with the decision makers in the business to shape a clearly defined strategy – setting out a structure and framework with a specialist team and agreeing target-centric goals that can give organisations clear focus when it comes to driving a project forward. A reputable partner will also streamline procedures to meet the efficient and simplified processes customers now expect.

But with the number of technologies and vendors to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the right partner. That’s why it is important to find a provider that will put your organisation’s success top of the agenda and has the right expertise and experience to deliver a digital transformation project.

At Zen we always strive to give the best solutions and services to our customers – tailored to their business size and sector.

What’s more, as an independent and award-winning technology service provider, we’re dedicated to continually improving the service, network and technology we offer to our customers. By providing flexible and scalable connectivity, cloud and communications solutions, we can help make your organisation’s digital transformation a success. 

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