European regional airline Flybe has deployed a real-time analytics tool to fulful its compliance obligations under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for storing and accessing customers’ credit card data.

It has worked with enterprise security specialist Gradian to implement RSA's enVision 3.5 platform, which is enabling it to centrally track and monitor all access to network resources and safeguard cardholder information.

Flybe needed to ensure PCI DSS compliance because it has more than 20 million visitors to its website per year and 85 per cent of bookings are taken online. This results in vast amounts of confidential data being processed and stored by the airline over the internet, making the need for PCI DSS compliance all the more acute.

Chris Cooper, IT security manager at Flybe, said: “We needed a scalable technology that could monitor events across our network and manage sharp increases in information needing to be stored. After reviewing several options, we selected the RSA enVision platform because it is designed to provide us with a comprehensive view of network activity and instantly alert us about events that might present a risk to customers' confidential information."

Flybe has more than 2,000 devices connected to its databases, so it also needed a technology that would research and investigate system and network events thoroughly. The RSA enVision platform is engineered to enable Flybe to quickly troubleshoot incidents and find the root cause for events across the organisation.

If an employee adds a new application to the network, for example, enVision technology is built to send an alert to the IT department for IT managers to investigate its authenticity.

The RSA enVision tool is engineered so that Flybe can manually create reports of network activity and then automate this process to repeat on a weekly or monthly basis. This tailored, built-in reporting process is built to enable IT staff to truly respond to business objectives, rather than simply responding to audits.