women on board

The latest figures released by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) show that while the UK is making progress in reaching the target of 25% of board positions being held by women by 2015, the technology and engineering industries are lagging behind.

Some 19% of FTSE100 directors are female, up from 12.5% in February 2011 and 17.4% in May 2013. The figures also outline how 24% of board appointments since March 1 this year have been women.

However, out of the 44 companies on the FTSE100 with 25% or more women on the board, only three technology and engineering companies featured.

Within engineering and tech, BT and Capita have the most women on the board with 33% each, whilst BAE Systems also featured quite high up on the list with 27% female directors.

Absent from the over 25% list were the likes of G4S, Sage, Vodafone, Babcock, Rolls Royce and The Weir Group.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “I’m glad the number of women at the top of our most successful companies continues to rise. Businesses are clearly still striving to get the right mix of talent around their boardroom table and we must not lose that momentum.

“But appointing more women as non-executive directors is not an end in itself. This is about more talented women getting executive experience, so that they will not only advise, but run this country’s great companies.”

In order to reach the government’s target of 25% of board positions being held by women by 2015, FTSE100 companies need to appoint 66 more female directors in the next two years.