The head of IT at Glasgow Housing Association has resigned as the organisation wrestles with an £800,000 systems integration project that is running behind schedule and looks set to require more funds.

The housing association, which runs more than 80,000 former Glasgow council homes, initiated a review of its Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS) IT project, after concerns about the way the project was being managed were raised by a contract employee.

But GHA said the resignation of IT director Jackie Evans was unrelated to problems with IAMS or to the contract employee’s complaint. Evans did not manage either the IAMS project or team, a spokesperson emphasised.

“Our head of ICT chose to hand in her resignation for her own personal reasons,” she said. “Jackie has made an enormous contribution to GHA and is a very valued member of the team. We were disappointed by her resignation, but are grateful for the contribution Jackie has made to GHA and wish her well for the future.”

But the social landlord is struggling with the project to integrate 15 different computer systems inherited from Glasgow city council when the housing stock was transferred. The systems are used to track and manage the buildings’ condition and a multi-million pound capital improvement programme.

A review carried out in 2005 concluded that an off-the-shelf package would not meet GHA’s needs and the organisation moved to develop its own system

The first phase of IAMS – setting up a core residential database – was completed in March this year.

But a report to the GHA board in July warned that the project was behind schedule and that extra funding might be needed to complete it. A two-month late start and the need to pay more than expected to recruit sufficiently skilled contract staff were key factors pushing up the expected costs.

The board ordered a review of the project and is now understood to be considering a number of options for its completion. “A full review of the IAMS project has been undertaken and presented to the GHA Board. A number of issues have been identified and GHA is now considering the best way to take this forward,” the spokesperson said.