Hit the ground running: When Lovell-Read joined Siemens in 2002, there was no CIO in place. For any CIO in a new job it is important to get a handle on the role as soon as possible. These are your priorities for the first few months.

■ Understand the critical technology dependencies throughout the organisation.

■ Review and understand all projects for which IT is the lead or major contributor.

■ Learn key metrics of any internal SLAs that IT must deliver against.

■ Structure your days and weeks so that you have time to learn, focus and create short-term value while preparing a long-term plan.

■ Work with each group within your department to get a feel for team dynamics and individual team members.

■ Establish interpersonal relationships with influential people and lay the groundwork for coalitions.

■ Understand the history and current state of the relationship between the IT department and each business unit or corporate function.