The government has said it is extending its G-Cloud framework contract (Gi) for three months.

It is also extending the dates for the Gii procurement process by a number of weeks.

The announcement means that the framework will be open for purchasing until 13 November 2012. The extended date for suppliers having to submit their tenders for Gii will be confirmed later this week.

In a statement, the Cabinet Office said: "We extended the first G-Cloud procurement in response to the unprecedented level of feedback we received from the supplier community.

"In Gii we think we’ve managed to address much of the valuable feedback we received both in the way we are communicating about G-Cloud and the tools we have put in place to help suppliers tender, though we are experimenting with more process improvements we want to put in place."

In a bid to help the public sector move away from legacy systems to modern platforms, government CIO Andy Nelson last month said he was considering creating a third framework to complement the G-Cloud and G-Hosting frameworks.