The Government Digital Service (GDS) has decided to simplify its job application process for new developers after applicants reported the process as being not "very user-friendly".

GDS, which was established in the Cabinet Office to deliver government services digitally, recently advertised a range of vacancies, including 22 developer roles.

"We've had a lot of feedback on our recent call for developers to join us at GDS. The biggest message by far was that the application process wasn't very user-friendly. We agree, it needs to be improved. So we're going to try out a simpler application process with less jargon and fewer questions," the GDS said.

Instead of filling in a long application form, candidates applying for developer roles will only need to send in their CV and a written Statement of Suitability, which addresses the key competencies and skills requirements that the job description requests.

In the written statement, GDS will be looking for evidence and examples that prove candidates have the required skills.

"Make sure you give us examples of things you personally have done that tick all the boxes, and explain in detail any of the projects and/or products you've worked on recently to help show you have the right expertise," GDS said.

Although the deadline has passed for new applications for the developer roles, the GDS said that it still needs more people, even if all the candidates called for interview are successful.

"We'll keep the new job adverts open for one week (from 21 February 2012) and then see how many high quality applications we get. If it looks like it's working then we'll carry on using this process – and start using it for other GDS roles as well," it added.

GDS has also created a new section on its website to give applicants an idea of what working at the division will involve, and what technology and equipment it uses.

Anyone with questions about the application process can contact Thayer Prime at [email protected].