Companies should view energy-efficient, ‘green’ IT initiatives as key to improving performance and competitive advantage, as analyst firm said today.

According to Drue Reeves, research director of Burton Group’s Data Centre Strategies service the impact of power and cooling requirements for data centres, server sprawl, and limited IT budgets are affecting the enterprise organisation’s ability to conduct business. “The bottom line is the driving factor behind an organisation’s motivation to evaluate the benefits of green computing,” he said.

Burton Group, an enterprise infrastructure technologies research firm has published a series of blogs and podcasts focused on practical tips enterprise organisations can use to capitalise on the green-computing trend.

Analyst Andrew Kutz said there are many creative ways IT professionals can demonstrate how green computing can affect the bottom line, including reduction in operating costs, cashing in on utility rebates, all while helping the businesses achieve an environmentally friendly image.

A list of practical tips IT organisations can use to be green includes:

  • Carbon Neutrality – Invest in carbon-free initiatives to offset your own carbon production;
  • Independent hardware vendor (IHV) recycling programmes; return products to your IHV rather than disposing of them;
  • Utilise CPU stepping – almost 10% of all power use comes from central processing units (CPUs), 'throttle down' to a lower frequency to lower power consumption;
  • Pressure IHVs to produce more energy-efficient products – it is up to the consumers to demand green products from IHVs;
  • Check with local utility providers for incentives programmes with regard to consolidation and variable-frequency drivers (VFD) installed in fans, such as rebates for companies that use VFDs.

More practical tips and suggestions on running an efficient and effective date centre can be found on Burton Group Inflection Point, a complimentary resource that includes podcasts, blogs and research.