Nvidia and Intel together asked a Delaware court to postpone the start of a trial between the two chip makers until next year as they continue to seek a settlement, Nvidia's CEO said Wednesday. The trial had been scheduled for 6 December.

"The two of our companies decided to postpone the court hearing until early next year," said Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, in an interview in Tokyo. "And we're always in talks. Our two companies are always in talks."

Huang said there was no other news to report from the talks at present. (See YouTube video of Huang making the comments.)

The two companies are battling over the licensing of technologies for chipsets, which are chips that handle the flow of data between a processor and the rest of a computer. Nvidia has a licence it said covered Intel's Nehalem architecture, but Intel disagreed.

Intel filed a lawsuit against Nvidia in February 2009 in the Delaware Chancery Court and a month later Nvidia filed a countersuit.

Huang is in Japan to update customers on the company's technologies and promote GPU (graphics processing unit) computing. On Thursday he is scheduled to visit Tokyo Institute of Technology and attend the inauguration of Japan's fastest supercomputer. The Tsubame 2.0 computer contains hundreds of Nvidia GPUs and was recently ranked the fourth most powerful and the second most energy efficient supercomputer in the world.