iSoft, the National Health Service (NHS) provider of key clinical records software is being courted by for takeover it was revealed late last week.

IBA Health, an Australian health information firm revealed last Friday it was considering making a bid for the ailing provider, pushing its share price up more than 10% as a result.

iSoft has indicated it may be keen to find buyer, saying last Thursday it was "continuing to consider a number of options to determine the most appropriate route forward for the company and its shareholders" before IBA threw its hat into the ring.

Earlier in the week talks with another potential suitor, the US McKesson group, were said to have broken down.

Meanwhile, the software firm is still under investigation by the financial services watchdog, the FSA and the Accountancy Investigation and Disciplinary Board as result of discrepancies revealed last year in its accounting practices, which led to it posting a £14.6 million loss.