The jobs of senior IT professionals are considered under serious threat in the recession, according to a new survey.

Four in 10 respondents said the senior positions were at a higher risk of redundancy, rather than the more easily outsourced, non-managerial roles.

Thirty nine percent also said they felt project managers’ roles were at risk, according the survey by the IT Job Board, an online IT employment site.

IT staff are concerned that out of those who become redundant, half spend up to nine months out of work. Anything over half a year was “too long” to be without a job, 63 per cent stated.

Teresa Sperti, head of international marketing at the IT Job Board, said the senior cuts “could be due to IT departments putting large projects on hold during the recession”.

But she predicted those roles “are more likely to be hired first when the market picks up”.

A Technology Manifesto, launched last week by industry and politicians, called for 250,000 new IT jobs to be created within eight to ten years in order to help lift the country out of the recession.

By increasing the “IP-rich” technology industry workforce, the manifesto argues, a large contribution would be made to the national GDP.