Salaries for new IT jobs have risen 4.1 per cent in the last 12 months, according to a new report.

The report, conducted by IT recruitment firm CV Screen, said the average salary in IT jobs advertised during the first quarter of the year was £34,217.

Some 11,000 advertised IT positions in the UK were examined for the survey. Matthew Iveson, director at CV Screen, said: “The continued high demand for IT professionals has continued to put upward pressure on IT salaries.”

He said there was still a “considerable war for talent” for those with skills in .Net, C# and PHP.

Despite economic pressures, Iveson said, the IT jobs market was “holding up well”. He added: “It is likely that as a result of the rising costs of living in the UK that more candidates will seek to move for financial reasons, thus putting further upward pressure on IT salaries.”

A recent report by another recruitment firm, The IT Job Board, said 70 per cent of IT staff were counting on a pay rise this year.

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