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The demand for Business intelligence, service management skills, transformation projects in financial services, and the increased use of external providers in the NHS were key drivers for IT jobs demand last month.

That is the conclusion of the Talent Spotlight report for October from recruitment consultants Badenoch & Clark.

Nicola Linkleter, executive director for the public sector at Badenoch & Clark, said there was an easing of recruitment freeze policies. Badenoch & Clark also said increased online shopping was driving IT jobs demand for e-commerce sites.

Linkleter said, “Companies are increasingly looking to compile ever more accurate data and reporting to drive their business forward out of the recession. We’re seeing an increase in demand for business intelligence specialists as a result.”

A skills realignment was also needed in government IT. She said, “With a number of projects closing down we anticipate that government IT departments will need to realign skills. We expect there will be more of a need for service management skills over the next six months as a result.”

And in financial services, testers were also in demand. “We’re continuing to see strong levels of demand for testers within financial services and banking. This is due to a large number of change and transformation projects being undertaken in this sector at the moment,” said Clark.

The impact of the government's comprehensive spending review  remained a cause for concern. Clark said that hiring managers within private sector organisations that supply the public sector are currently being "very cautious" over any open roles they have at the moment.

"Once the results of the public sector spending review are known we expect this to ease,” she said.

There has been a steady rise in "business as usual" temporary IT roles in the NHS, says Badenoch & Clark. This is due to permanent staff leaving the NHS for the private sector and hiring managers struggling to attract talent to senior NHS posts.

In addition, online shopping demand is heating up demand for web design and development specialists.

Web designers with client-side experience and web developers with strong AS3, HTML and flash skills are in strong demand.

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