Lloyds Banking Group has announced a nationwide IT recruitment programme, seeking to attract school-leavers to provide the next generation of expertise for the bank’s legacy IT infrastructure.

Up to 30 positions will be available across the company’s offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Gloucester, London, Manchester and Yorkshire.

The bank said that new recruits will be given real work supporting IT staff as part of an 18-month apprentice development programme.

Brian Roddick, head of colleague IT services for Lloyds Banking Group, explained that the aim of hiring the school leavers is to develop the necessary skills to deal with the complex legacy systems run by the bank.

“We have a raft of very specialist roles that require significant legacy insight. These are not skills that can be readily purchased from the market, nor are they readily available from those that join us directly from University,” he said.

“By implementing an IT apprenticeship pathway in this way, we believe it will encourage A-Level students to join us – this allows them to learn while they earn.”

He added: “The upside for us is that we are able to create a rolling programme that provides us with the IT expertise we need, not simply for the here and now, but for many decades to come.”

In recent months Lloyds has reduced the headcount of its back office IT department, with 190 roles being off-shored as part of the banking group's Strategic Review, with 400 IT jobs cut the previous year.