The London School of Business is making its entire MBA programme available online, free-of-charge, via Facebook.

The LSBF Global MBA Facebook application includes live video lectures as well as catch-up classes, all on demand. The online MBA programme can take students between six months and a year to complete.

In order to get formal accreditation, however, students will have to pay a pro-rata fee of £13,000, depending on the GDP of the country the student is based in. They will then be able to access a different area of the application which will enable them to interact live with lecturers and with other paying students.

A spokesperson for the London School of Business, said the “try before you buy” approach will help to reduce the high dropout rate of MBAs. Only one in four students go on to complete the MBA, she said.

The application, which can be accessed here, was developed by Aaron Etingen, CEO of the London School of Business and Finance, and Valery Kisilevsky, group managing director at the School.  

So far 34,000 users have signed up for the Facebook application since it launched on 28 October. The School hopes to have 500,000 users by the end of the year.