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Video: Bezier CIO Chris Airey on driving transformation

Marketing services company Bezier has saved £500,000 a year on moving digital asset management processes into the cloud.

The company, which expects revenues of £105m this year and holds accounts from Argos, Boots, Coca Cola, Disney, Honda and Unilever, has signed up communication services specialist Star to replace legacy IT infrastructures developed by its subsidiary businesses with a unified, on-demand communications platform .

Beziers subsidiaries provide clients with a range of services including marketing campaigns, direct mail and point of purchase marketing collateral within stores.

The cloud service supports all of Bezier’s subsidiaries with connectivity capable of passing high quality graphics files of up to 60Gb in seconds.

Talking to CIO UK, Bezier CIO Chris Airey said the move was critical in providing a unified comms network to underpin a transformation in the organisation's corporate culture.

He said “I was after pace and needed to get over the inertia that had settled over the separate business lines. The business had just rebranded as Bezier from its constituent brands and we needed to break down the information siloes of the old corporate structure.”

Airey explained that building a unified comms network in-house would have taken too long and a fast swap-out that only a cloud service can provide was critical to the whole company embracing a new unified corporate culture.

He said: “The new management team had come in but the workforce couldn't move on until IT made it possible to have a new business. We chose a private cloud infrastructure to produce the IT for one business. We needed that sort of pace. The alternative would be too slow and we would effectively suffocate under the inertia.”

The cloud infrastructure effectively turns the many offices in the company acquired on an ad hoc basis, into one company, from the point of view of its customers. Access to their digital marketing assets are much more easily accessible from one point of entry for customers, whereas prior to the move to the cloud service, they had to contact each office for each marketing product.

Bezier uses Star’s email, web hosting and exchange services hosted on a private cloud with a dedicated bandwidth of 200Mb WAN. By moving to the service, Airey has halved the number of servers used and cut wage costs by 60 per cent. At the same time, the company has been able to move with its customers increasing need to access it’s marketing services flexibly.

Airey said: “It’s what you have come to expect in the modern internet era.”