Mercedes Benz Daimler

Daimler, the German automobile company that manufactures Mercendes Benz, is making moves towards the cloud after handing over management of its European data centres to Infosys.

Infosys will manage Daimler's infrastrastructure, data centre, middleware and database operations from its Enterprise division in India's technology hub, Bangalore.

Daimler previously used HP to support its key systems. Prior to that, Fujitsu Siemens managed its servers and databases from 2008.

The contract is the first step Daimler is taking to transform its IT infrastructure. It reflects Bangalore's growing influence in the European, and specifically German market.

Infosys reported a revenue and profit rise ahead of Vishal Sikka, former SAP technology chief's takeover as CEO this week.

It is believed that Sikka's Silicon Valley background and connections will accelerate Infosys' growth strategy through acquisitions as well as shifting the focus to non-linear services and higher margin IP products.    

The outsourcing deal coincides with Daimler's launch of the world's first autonomous truck this month, allowing speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour.

In its financial results, Daimler said the "Truck 2025" indicates the "long-distance trucks of tomorrow and future transport systems. This is based on the intelligent networking of all existing safety systems, supplemented by cameras, radar sensors and the possibility of communication between vehicles".

The manufacturer said that the new truck could be available on the road within five years, "but due to the complex situation of heavy commercial vehicles, a timeframe of 10 years is realistic", it said in its financial results on July 24.

However, the automotive industry has a lot to learn about software patching throughout the supply chain before connected cars reach critical mass, security experts have warned.

Increasingly businesses are moving the management of their infrastructure off-premise so that IT can focus on product releases like the Truck 2025.

Ruchir Budhwar, Infosys vice president and head of automotive in Europe, said: "Radically changing markets and customer demands are making manufacturers relook at their technology backbones to seek solutions that enable rapid response at manageable costs and without disruption. Such solutions allow companies to react quickly, at low cost and without downtime. Infosys will manage the day-to-day data centre operations driven by a shared vision to innovate and transform these facilities."

Daimler has kept tight-lipped over the deal, refusing to confirm contract details including cost and time-scale.