Are you interested in technology AND able to keep a secret? Is £27,250 sufficiently enticing to make you apply to join the spooks?

MI5, the British security service, is looking for digital intelligence specialists to help keep the UK safe and secure.

There are two types of roles that MI5 is hoping to fill, namely IT security exploitation officers and ICT specialists.

IT security exploitation officers will be those people who have a good understanding of existing technical threats, can demonstrate real insight into current software platforms and are able to identify weaknesses and countermeasures.

Suitable candidates will have experience in areas such as penetration testing, network auditing, systems administration and incident response. IT security certifications such as SANS, CREST and CISSP are also highly desired.

Before applying for this role, MI5 has developed a questionnaire that applicants can access to test themselves and ensure they have the right technical knowledge.

Meanwhile, ICT specialists will be responsible for helping the intelligence service use technology to gather and analyse digital intelligence. They will also work to help the intelligence community work collaboratively, and ensure that MI5’s technology remains at the forefront of innovation.

Useful skills include experience in computer forensics, computer and network security, Internet and network protocols, software and database development on Linux and Windows platforms and network penetration testing.

In both roles applicants will need to have an in-depth knowledge of current technologies. However, good communication skills, to be able to convey complex information in writing and verbally to technical and non-technical colleagues, will also be highly rated.

The current salaries on offer range from £27,250 to £36,311 a year. For more information on how to apply, go here.