Blue sky cloud

Modelling the potential effect of IT changes, assembling the right resources, automating processes and assuring service levels, are the vital strands needed for businesses to deliver the systems they require at the speeds demanded by the chief and departmental executives, according to CA Technologies.

David Dobson, an executive vice president at the company, told delegates at this week’s CA World conference in Las Vegas that it was becoming normal for businesses to expect their IT teams to provide systems almost immediately, according to departmental needs.

“IT functions are rapidly becoming a broker of systems,” he said. “Instead of buying and limiting the choice they are enabling the change.” Cloud computing was vital in enabling speedy deployment, he said.

Using BPM to automate workflows

CA outlined a ‘business service’ plan, in which it said it would enable businesses to meet their  performance and cost modelling, resource assembly, process automation, service level assurance and security needs.

The company said its acquisitions over the last two years were geared specifically at those needs.

“On their own, our acquisitions bring powerful innovations, such as the service modelling and simulation of CA LISA from our ITKO acquisition, the predictive analytics of CA Capacity Management from the Hyperformix acquisition, and the 'clone and click' capabilities of the CA AppLogic platform," said Dobson. He added that the Nimsoft acquisition was also vital in enabling CA to offer a cloud platform.

But he insisted that the "real power” came from combining the systems with CA’s more traditional portfolio. “By integrating all of these capabilities on a common platform,” he said, IT departments could provide their businesses “with unprecedented speed, innovation, efficiency and performance”.

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