Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence's chief information officer Mike Stone has admitted that the department's core IT system, the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII), needs to be 'dramatically' improved.

The DII provides a secure military platform to 300,000 users, covering all branches of the armed forces as well as MoD civil servants over 2,000 sites.

However in a strategy document last year the department itself admitted that the DII has been slow to deliver and is becoming rapidly out-of-date.

Since becoming CIO in May, Stone has developed a two-year programme to improve the DII, he said in a blog post on the GOV.UK website.

The plan, which will start to be implemented next month, will see the MoD move to more "modern, open and flexible IT", according to Stone.

The changes will allow MoD employees to access technology tailored to their role, mission and location at any time through a range of devices, over "a cost effective, modern and adaptable infrastructure", he said.

The MoD is also planning to adopt commercial standards and security arrangements for non-sensitive daily work.

As part of the plan Stone announced 30 specific improvements that he plans to deliver between now and March 2015, including better internet access, quicker logon and logoff times and more flexible mobility solutions using wifi. Restrictions on social media will also be relaxed at the department.

He added: "There's a lot to do, and this is not an overnight fix, but we are on the right path. The announcement last week was endorsed and counter-signed by our major partners – HP, Fujitsu and BT – as clear evidence of their commitment to ensure we deliver a modern, user-focused IT experience.

"I will be reporting regularly on progress, and there will be a further announcement at the end of October setting out the path towards the 2016 end state."