Paymaster, one of the UK’s largest providers of outsourced financial services is saving £300,000 a year after modernising its legacy systems.

Previously the Office of the Paymaster General before it was sold off in ten years ago, Paymaster has used Micro Focus application modernisation technology to move its core legacy applications from a VME mainframe to a new Windows server and reduce operating costs by £300,000 a year.

The migration, conducted by migration partner, Transoft was completed within budget in ten months and the company’s banking processes are now running ten to 30 times faster as result.

“The savings we have been able to make gave us our expected return on investment [ROI] in just ten months. However, the performance improvements took us by surprise, with our batch processes completing 10 to 30 times faster running under Micro Focus COBOL on a small two-CPU server,” said Ralph Tigwell, Paymaster chief technology officer.

When Fujitsu announced its plans to withdraw support for its Trimetra mainframe line by the end of April 2006, the application modernisation initiative was developed to safeguard Paymaster’s mission-critical banking suite as the last remaining application on its Trimetra mainframe.

The project has also improved levels of system availability and security, while reusing its core application code and data to minimise risk and expense. And by moving to a modern server environment, the company has improved batch performance and job automation, enabling its evening batch to complete three hours earlier.