A survey of UK consumers has found broad public support and little opposition to government plans to license and regulate online gambling as part of the new Casino Act.

The findings, according to a new survey conducted by YouGov and online gambling firm PKR.com, showed that 63% of the 4,630 respondents agreed with Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell’s strategy to oversee the online gambling industry from within the UK.

Even non-gamblers supported its licensing and regulation, with over 50% agreeing with government plans. Only 14% of non-gambling respondents disagreed.

Nearly two thirds of those polled (63%) believe that it is important for an internet gambling site to have a licence, with only 5% seeing licensing as “not important at all”. While 70% said they would trust a poker room or casino that is licensed and regulated in the UK.

The Poker UK 2007 report also said poker is increasingly being seen as an entertainment activity, rather than being viewed as gambling.