Nearly 80 pe recent of BCS members believe that standards of IT professionalism in the public sector need to be improved.

According to a survey of members of the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, these respondents believe that this would help to improve efficiencies in local and national government.

A total 60 per cent think that efficiencies would be further improved, despite 63 per cent believing that IT and the internet are improving the delivery of public services.

However, the majority of respondents (59 per cent) do not think that the improved delivery of services, thanks to IT investment, is being recognised by the public.

Elizabeth Sparrow, president of BCS, said: "Arguably the investments in IT could achieve more if those implementing the changes were given high quality support and training."

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave a 'Building Britain's Digital Future' speech, in which he outlined how citizens could better engage with government through the Mygov platform.