The Health and Safety Executive is rolling out an electronic document management system (EDRM) to 3,400 users to improve staff access to information.

The workplace safety watchdog is implementing Tower Software’s TRIM Context EDRM system and at the same time migrating its entire organisation to Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Outlook, standardising its text-based and email files.

HSE head of information management Richard Lewis said the EDRM project was “driven by a desire to manage information better across HSE”.

He added: “The rising popularity of desktop tools has led us further away from print and a traditional records management culture. As a consequence, information silos had started to appear. TRIM Context will allow users to find the information they’re looking for far more easily and derive intelligence from it. It will also help us handle the large volume of incoming Freedom of Information enquiries we receive.”

LogicaCMG is carrying out the EDRM implementation under its 10-year IT outsourcing contract with the HSE. The roll-out has covered the HSE’s London and Bootle headquarters and is expected to be completed across all 29 sites by November.

The HSE has also recently introduced a new electronic human resources system from SAP.