SAP has appointed a new managing director (MD) for the UK and Ireland after Steve Winter served in the position for just six months.

Fred Hessabi will now act as the interim MD, with support from the UK and Ireland leadership team, and be responsible for the company’s strategy and growth plans.

Hessabi is based in Paris and also serves as SVP and general manager of continental Europe, where he is responsible for all SAP operations in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel.

Hessabi’s predecessor, Winter, is still with SAP and has been appointed to lead a newly-created line of business HR solutions team.

“We will continue to structure our business around the five market categories that are critical to our combined success: mobile, database and technology, analytics, cloud and applications,” said an SAP spokesperson.

“As part of this structure and market focus, we have recognised the incredible opportunity available to us regarding SAP’s line of business HR solutions and as a result, Steve Winter has been appointed to lead the newly created line of business human resources sales team.”

Prior to becoming UK MD, Winter served as chief operating officer (COO) of SAP North America, where he led the Premier Customer Network Centre of Excellence, Business Operations, Ecosystems & Alliances, SMEs and Sustainability teams.