ICT investment in schools will reach an all-time high in 2014, research has shown.

The high spending is shown in the British Educational Suppliers Association's (BESA) annual survey of IT school spend.

The survey of 1,238 UK schools (731 primary, 507 secondary) found that in the school year 2014-15 schools forecast their ICT expenditure will be higher in cash terms than at any other time on record. 

Investment in hardware replacement, peripherals, software and technical support will reach £14,220 per primary school and £65,570 in each secondary school. 

The previous highest estimate of technology expenditure was in 2008-9 when allocations averaged around £14,000 in primary schools and £65,400 in secondary schools. 

This totalled an expenditure on ICT across all UK maintained schools of approximately £320 million. From 2009-10, average ICT budgets across all schools fell year on year until 2012-13, when secondary maintained schools indicated a 1.8% rise in technology expenditure.

The increase in secondary school ICT budgets in particular is expected to continue into 2014 by a significant 11%, said BESA. Budgets may increase in secondary schools alone to more than £280 million, it said.

Caroline Wright, director at BESA, said: "This is good news for schools and technology suppliers. When we take into account the reduction in the cost of technology, this significant increase in expenditure will result in a higher increase in investment in real terms."