Matthew Oakeley1

Schroders Group Head of IT Matthew Oakeley is taking action at the financial services provider to ensure that IT develops as a profession and retains the skills it will need in the coming years. Of particular interest to Oakeley is that the IT profession creates problem solvers and the business world will increasingly need a workforce with strong problem solving qualities.

Oakeley, CIO for Schroders since 2005 has undertaken within the London based, global financial services provider, to develop the wide range of professional skills seen within an IT team at an organisation.

“One thing we have started to do is to encourage the idea of IT as a profession,” he says. Schroder has become a corporate British Computer Society (BCS) member to develop the skills of the financial assets provider.

“We are trying to encourage the idea that a business analyst or project manager is not just a job, it is a career,” Oakeley said of his passion to broaden the understanding of the many and varied professional skills within the technology industry and to break the perception that an IT profession is only for code writers.

“People think a career in IT is just about programming, but most of my business analysts are business problem-solvers, and I want problem-solvers in my team,” he said in a CIO profile interview.

Oakeley takes two or three of the graduate intake that enter Schroders every year. Often they have problem-solving skills first and foremost, and from there develop IT skills alongside their understanding of the business.