A Scotland-wide smartcard scheme is set to be expanded, offering a range of services.

Dundee City Council has issued a contract notice seeking suppliers of smart card management services, which will be available under a framework agreement to authorities across Scotland.

The move is part of the National Entitlement Card Scheme (NEC), which currently serves 1.7 million people with "multi application smartcard products", Dundee City Council wrote in the notice. The services include travel, library usage and proof of age.

Over the next three years, it is expected that up to 500,000 new applications will need to be processed, as well as two million replacement cards. Dundee said the new suppliers would need to provide online self-service for customers, in order to make processing easier.

The supplier will also need to provide card production and delivery services, and contact centre services.

Dundee expects that authorities will spend between £2.5 million and £3.5 million in total on the services, and there will also be an optional one year extension. It will select the most "economically advantageous" bid that meets the criteria.

Suppliers have until 15 February to submit their bids.

The services will be available to a range of authorities including Dundee itself, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dumfries and Galloway Council, East Ayrshire, Lothian, East Renfrewshire Council, Fife, Glasgow, Highlands, Lanarkshire, Orkney, Perth, Renfrewshire Council, Shetland and Stirling.