29 CIO stock

The Cass Business School is offering a set of short courses for CIOs at the beginning of 2014 which are designed to help information leaders develop their skills in key areas.

"Courses for introductory and intermediate levels of IT experience abound, but there are few opportunities for experienced Information Leaders to learn how to improve their performance in key competencies," said the Cass Business School's Information Leadership Network director David Chan.

"Either the courses are too long or they are generic courses that do not recognise the special need of the information leader. Free seminars and talks merely scratch the surface or advocate a particular proprietary approach that favours the sponsor of the event," he said.

The short courses, which last at most three days and begin on January 15, are in effective communication for technology leaders, leading innovation, transformation and change, and getting the most from your suppliers.

You can find out more about the courses here.