Socitm, the public sector IT managers’ organisation, has held the first meeting of the Local Government CIO Council.

The organisation was initiated by the Government chief information officer John Suffolk, who asked Socitm to initiate the body, which will represent the views and interests of local government to the main Government CIO Council.

The Local Government CIO Council will review where local government can support, or if necessary challenge, the broader Government CIO agenda and discuss other issues around local government transformation, Socitm said.

Jos Creese, Hampshire County Council CIO and a member of the main CIO council said, “Local government has made much progress on the development and delivery of transformational government – and so it should, since some 80% of public services are delivered by us.

“However, there is more we can do to ensure that the local perspective on transformation is understood in setting national strategy, and also the implications of national strategy and policy are effectively communicated to local government by central government policy-makers.”

Members of the Local Government CIO Council include members from the English regions and the different types of local authority. They are:

  • Peter Bole, Head of ICT Commissioning, Kent County Council
  • Jos Creese, Head of IT, Hampshire County Council
  • Helen Finnemore, Head of ICT & eGovernment, Teesdale District Council
  • Vic Freer, Head of ICT Services, Somerset County Council
  • Steve Hopson, CIO, Cheshire County Council
  • Jane Jack, Head of ICT Services, Warwick District Council
  • Mick Pythian, ICT Manager, Ryedale District Council
  • Tim Rainey, Assistant Chief Executive, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Nicola Ratcliffe, Information Services Manager, Kennet District Council
  • Dylan Roberts, Head of ICT, Leeds City Council
  • Steve Sankey, Head of IT, Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Richard Steel, CIO, Newham LB
  • Angela Waite, Head of ICT & Central Services, Canterbury City
  • Steve Williams, Corporate Head of ICT, Sunderland City Council