An Apple executive will meet South Korea officials next week to discuss concerns over the iPhone. Local lawmakers will ask Apple to explain the company's after sales service policy, which officials and consumers complain is unfair.

According to a report from The Economic Times: "Lawmakers took issue with an Apple policy that gives most customers who complain of faulty iPhones refurbished devices from its inventory, instead of allowing the option of free repairs or a new device in line with local laws."

"They also said consumers are often forced to pay an excessive cost to get refurbished phones."

Apple's Farrel Farhoudi, senior director at iPod and iPhone service operations, will testify to parliament's national policy committee on 21 October.

Apple iPhone

According to the Korea Consumer Agency, 884 complaints had been filed, with more than 60 per cent concerned about after-sales service. Apple has sold more than one million iPhones in Korea, and hopes to start selling the iPad shortly, once the tablet device passes regulatory approval.