Women in IT looking to expand their skills will be able to access some extra training at a summer university course at the University of Bremen in Germany.

Informatica Feminale, is open to female IT professionals and female students of any discipline with an interest in computing, from anywhere in the world.

The course will be opened with a talk from Dr Anne Katharina Rhode, delivery manager in application services at Capgemini.

Over two weeks, a range of topics will be covered, including robotics and technical networks, mobile web and the Internet, Unix and Linux, software development as a process, database management systems and developing a work-life balance.

Different course levels will be available depending on students’ level of experience.

As well as giving women in IT an opportunity to network with participants, alumni and lecturers, there will be a job forum, featuring international companies and talks from recruiters, held during the two weeks, on 7 September.

The course costs €35 a day for working IT professionals, while students and unemployed women will be charged a one-off fee of €35. There will also be free childcare provided during the summer university.

The course runs from 5th to 16th September, and more information on how to register can be found here.