This CIO UK debate opened with the discussion on whether business process management was a window of opportunity for CIOs or just a load of hype from software vendors. Here are the initial responses from members of the CIO LinkedIn community, add your voice, let me know what you think.

Global view

I suspect most successful business have had BPM at the core of their activities for sometime - they probably just didn't realise it was called BPM. The current wave of technological innovation does make BPM considerably easier, but BPM does not exist because of it.

Where I have seen real advantages in using technology to drive a BPM solution is in a global organisation where access to data was historically difficult. For example, implementing Infor's PM10 solution over a data warehouse, monitoring and managing all aspects of the company's performance has become relatively straightforward. That's not to say it wasn't done previously, there's just less pain now.

Phil Jenkins
Head of Business Information & Compliance at Robert Walters

More than automation

BPM projects can generate huge value - but need to focus on business improvement driven against the business' objectives. Not an IT automation/BPM project.

An example is Carphone Warehouse (CPW). They recognised they had no consistent store operations. So they have documented all their store processes with links from process steps to documents, forms, intranet pages and their POS system. Hosted as a Cloud solution, delivered in months, the current estimate for net new revenue is £55m across 815 stores.

How/why? Because store staff can spend more time with customers not fighting to find the correct information or understand how to use POS system. Short video of a CPW staff using it at:

Ian Gotts, Founder and CEO at Nimbus

Response Summary

Is BPM just hype?

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