Recycling and waste management are a higher priority for businesses in Britain than in other European countries, according to a snapshot poll.

Seventy-two per cent of UK executives interviewed saw recycling technology and reducing waste as their top green priority, making it the number one country to prioritise such initiatives.

But while British companies saw green benefits in virtualisation, 55 per cent said that the cost of moving to a virtualised server model discouraged their businesses from making the move.

Four hundred and eighty company executives in the UK and 11 other European countries were interviewed for the BEA European Sustainable IT Survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne. They were from the financial services, telecoms and public sectors.

The UK was also the country second most interested in measuring its carbon footprint, with 70 per cent of executives interested in the move, behind Belgium but ahead of France and Germany.

The main motivation for UK companies to be green came from the government, the survey found, with chief executives and ‘green tsars’ within businesses leading the charge.

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