We were privileged this year to have an article penned for us by Associated Newspapers CIO David Henderson on gender inequality in the technology industry, with some of his thoughts appearing below in our round-up from 2013 of CIO comments on diversity, training, culture and workforce development.

"Everyone has special skills, but everyone has the ability to help everyone. Part of my job is taking people with no IT experience and making them effective. Training is positive and it pulls people through the Army.

Alan HillBritish Army deputy CIO" alt="Brigadier Alan Hill, British Army deputy CIO" src="//" height="61" width="80" />

"Command them by being with them, helping them, leading them and making sure they feel valued. And make sure you are out and about all the time – it’s not about being sat in an office."
Deputy CIO of the British Army Brigadier Alan Hill

"It's pathetic as an industry, and in the UK in particular, that we're all pale, male and stale. We need to bring diversity into our ranks, but we tend to hire in our own mould. The best leaders I've worked with have been women. It's a shame we don't have more women leaders in this industry."
Barclays CIO Anthony Watson

"Not only can I see my team is stronger and an immeasurably better place to work with a more balanced gender split, it is smart economics to ensure our industry does not remain male dominated into the future."
Associated Newspapers CIO David Henderson

"When you can inspire people they tend to think completely out of the box in many areas, which is required, and are able to think not just technically, but also be aware of commercial and financial aspects.

"I really enjoyed making people happy in their working conditions. When they get excited, they deliver and if there are a couple of errors it doesn't matter because if you're not bold, you'll never be a different player in the market."
EE CTO Fotis Karonis

BT CIO Clive Selley

"I want our department to be constantly learning, and I expect them to reinvent themselves at least once in their careers.

"When they come in we're very focused on developing business skills, because many graduates simply don't have them and people who studied computer science can be quite limited in this respect."
BT CIO Clive Selley

"Social media has overtaken email as the corporate communication tool of choice.

"Solutions can come from the top of the house or even the latest analyst to join the organisation

"Social media platforms enable us to assemble ideas and harness our knowledge globally.

"It lets the senior leadership team understand what's happening at the coalface and utilise the power of our colleagues."
KPMG CIO Harry Moseley

"Having a diverse workforce is incredibly important - we don't want to be pale, male and stale. But it cannot be about just ticking boxes. Hiring more women must be about appointing those who are the best candidates for the job, while the right candidates need to be identified for promotion opportunities."
Nationwide COO Tony Prestege CIO David Jack" alt="Former CIO David Jack" />

"What we're seeing is that the battlefield is not technology. That's a pain for me because I'm a CIO - the battlefield is really the analytics and not necessarily the analytics tools; it's the access to talent and being able to move faster than each of my competitors."
Former CIO David Jack

"We're seeing a real skills gap in young people where IT and technology are concerned, and as a keen investor in talent we've recognised that this needs to be addressed as we strive to become an omni-channel retailer."
John Lewis director of IT Paul Coby

"When people don't know me or the company, you create the environment so then the issue is not the money, it is about doing good things; in the process, we retain people."
DX Group CIO Mike Sturrock