A global forum is calling for women in technology and engineering to participate in a week-long event that aims to encourage young females into these typically male-dominated industries.

The annual ‘Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering and Technology’ is a platform that connects women in the industry with college students and girls who might be interested in a job in technology or engineering.

This year, the event is being chaired by SVP of Rockwell Collins Engineering and Technology, Nan Mattai, with Cindy Kou, program director of Lotus Collaborative Productivity Tools at IBM China, as vice-chair.

For one week from 7 March, people from businesses, universities, non-profit and community organisations, and others, will be able to connect via live internet chats, teleconferences, webcasts and other live events, in any of six world regions.

The marathon ends on 12 March with the UK and Europe event, which involves a ‘Student Outreach Day’. Other topics to be covered may also include the value of networking and outreach, and looking at the status of women in engineering in the region.

A high-tech treasure hunting game, geocaching, will also be running throughout the week, across the world. Individuals locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS devices and then share their experiences online. The clues will be available on the Global Marathon Website and on the Global Marathon Facebook page.

For more information on the marathon and how to take part, visit www.globalmarathon.net or contact Barbara Pontello, regional leader for UK and Europe at [email protected].