Former Yahoo boss Scott Thompson has landed a job as CEO at ShopRunner, an online shopping network.

Mike Golden, who co-founded the nearly 2-year-old company, will step down as its CEO and act as company president.

Thompson, who had been Yahoo's CEO for only five months before he was pushed out, is already a member of ShopRunner's board of directors.

"Michael and I both felt he would be the perfect long-term CEO," said Golden in a statement. "We are thrilled that Scott has taken us up on our offer to lead ShopRunner's continued growth."

Yahoo hired Thompson in January. A few months later, he came under heavy criticism when it came to light that the academic credentials on his resume, as listed on Yahoo's Web site and in documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, were inaccurate.

Thompson's resume indicated that he has a degree in computer science, but he does not hold such a degree.

A special three-member committee was set up to investigate the CEO, his academic credentials and the circumstances surrounding his hiring.

Last week, Yahoo hired Google vice president Marissa Mayer) as its new CEO.

Mayer went to Yahoo after 13 years with Google, where she started out as the company's first female engineer and ended as a top executive.

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