The Zoological Society of London has opted to formalise management training for nationally certified qualifications.

The UK animal conservation charity announced today it selected GBS Corporate Training to carry out new structured managerial training courses at the society's head offices at London Zoo.

Management training at the charity has previously been done on an ad-hoc basis, but now, for the first time, the management courses will form part of a planned approach to provide structured management development within the organisation.

The charity, which is made up of five operating divisions including the popular London and Whipsnade Zoos will use the new services to run the new Introductory Certificate in Management and the Introductory Diploma in Management courses which include modules on managing information, communication skills, working with others, setting objectives and the importance of customer focus.
Karen Turnbull, Training and HR manager for the Society said relating training content to relevant issues including the environment, for example, was a key deciding factor is outsourcing its training needs. “At present about 20 managers will be taking part but we aim to extend this as we develop our commitment to implementing a structured training programme," said Turnbull.
The training courses will take the form of monthly one-day workshops, held over the space of seven months, and will involve delegates taking part in interactive classroom sessions along with reading, web-based research and assignment writing.

The courses, which follow a blended learning approach, will enable managers not only to improve their general management skills but also help them see how they can maximise performance in all areas.