Anglian Water is in the process of migrating over one million documents to its new enterprise content management (ECM) system, which was implemented by Infosys and integrates Open Text’s LiveLink and Microsoft’s Sharepoint.

It hopes that the new system, dubbed Hawk, will allow each of its 4,500 employees to find and manage information more efficiently, saving each of them one hour per week in wasted time.

“Our old system was just a basic intranet. That went out of date and we had the opportunity to upgrade to Hawk, which by making access to information more effective for our employees, reduces the risk we run as a business,” Richard Boucher, Business Change and Strategy Director at Anglian Water told Computerworld UK.

Anglian Water began the project in September last year and went live with the new platform in April. It has kept the old system running in parallel to Hawk in order to migrate documents and information across and has to date migrated approximately 25 to 35 percent of the required data.

“We have go the two systems running in tandem and that has been quite challenging to maintain, but we are carrying out the migration in a phased approach and with a very detailed plan to help with this,” said Rachael Butler, programme manager for the ECM project at Anglian Water.

“By April 2013 we are hoping to have decommissioned the old intranet. We have moved over the tip of the iceberg at the moment.”

The platform is hosted on a combination of physical HP and virtual VMware servers within Anglian Water’s own network and the interface between SharePoint and LiveLink was created using the Open Text Application Governance and Archiving (AGA) product.

The documents live in LiveLink but are surfaced into SharePoint using custom AGA web parts and metadata. Infosys has also extended the AGA interface to integrate LiveLink document control workflows within SharePoint.

Butler said: “It was also important for us, what with using multiple vendors, that it was designed as a single solution. To begin with we were looking at it from a document management side and an intranet side, but we then learnt that the two work so closely together that it is important to look at it as a single design solution.”

“On our old system we were very much governed by hyperlinks, which often got broken if a new document was placed in or there was a change to a document. With the interface connecting LiveLink and Sharepoint this isn’t the case anymore and is enabling our employees to get access to the most up to date information.”

Anglian Water’s IT infrastructure deal with Capgemini" href="" target="_blank">is currently run by Capgemini, after the end of a 15-year outsourcing relationship with CSC in November 2010.

CSC signed its original ten-year contract with Anglian in 1995 for around £200 million. Then in 2005 it was then paid a greatly reduced £38 million to run Anglian's systems for a further five years.