The BBC has revealed it had a major server outage that lasted for over two days last month, affecting television programme post-production in its new MediaCity premises in Salford.

The problems occurred on Friday 20 January, and were not solved until the Monday morning, according to Broadcast magazine.

The BBC has not yet responded to enquiries on what caused the issue. The outage reportedly affected the Harmonic MediaGrid and Film Partners MXF Server systems, used by the BBC in post production.

MediaGrid is a clustered storage and grid computing platform, and MXF Server is a server package for popular editing systems. Both are technology specifically created for the media industry.

Film Partners declined to comment on whether its product played any part in the issue, and Harmonic had not responded to a query at the time of writing.

Mark Harrison, BBC North controller of production, told Broadcast magazine that it was a "major crash".

"The problem was diagnosed and the system was up and running by the following Monday morning, but it was not running as smoothly as it should have been, so we took everybody off the shared storage to investigate further."

While he insisted any disruption did not hit production to a "significant degree", he said some producers had moved computer-based work and storage to other facilities.