Columnist Matt Ballantine tells CIO UK about some of the industry trends in IT, as well as offering advice all CIOs should focus on. (See also: United Living CIO Greg Morley on key industry trends for CIOs)

In the last of exclusive interviews recorded at the 2016 CIO Summit, Matt shares his insight on the key industry trends for CIOs and in IT. He describes digital teams needing to know how to make connections leading to further opportunities for organisations.

Ballantine describes how IT executives and CIOs are finding difficulty in keeping up with customers’ demands.

“People are much happier in using more tools and exploring ways for the technology to be exploited,” he said. “I think that a lot of discussion is based around millennials and that only young people know how to use technology.”

But he admits organisations need to look at how to use technology and learn from it by focusing on technology used by staff.

Advice to CIOs starting a new role

Ballantine shares his advice for a CIO starting a new role and how to keep innovative in their position.

“For somebody going into the role you need to be able to network within your organisation,” he said. “But most importantly being able to network outside of your organisation and building a good support base to be able to really help you understand the CIO role and business model.” (Read next: Belron focusing on Big Data and cloud to improve customer experience)